It is addressed to the general public, both specialists and lay people, and aims to provide information about our Protohistory from the earliest neolithic farmers to pre-Roman societies. It aims to offer a view of the Iberian Peninsula’s Protohistory in the last six millennia.

The book dedicated to Protohistory. From the Neolithic period to Roman conquest, it is an updated innovative view of the last six millennia BC in the Iberian Peninsula, which, as the last land in Eurasia, was the Far West” of the Old World. Its diversity of lands, soils, climates and external contacts resulted in a wide variety of cultures, as if it were a micro-continent, which makes it of even greater interest.

The book is divided into three parts: the Neolithic and Chalcolithic; the Bronze Age on Mediterranean and Atlantic sides of the peninsula; and the Iron Age as an affirmation of the urban life that ended with Romanisation. Structured in 15 chapters authored by leading specialists, it is a modern and dynamic summary written with a perspective of the future and multi-disciplinary methodology.

It covers all aspects of the different cultures and peoples who formed the complex mosaic of Protohistory in the Iberian Peninsula, from the latest archaeological discoveries to new research on technology, economy, society, religion, ideology, linguistics, oral traditions reflected in iconography, and palaeo-genetics based on DNA.

Its goal is to arouse interest in the Protohistory of Iberia among all its readers and illustrate how historical processes and modern myths about our cultural complexity have their roots in those distant times, as they are the outcome of a long process lasting millennia.

It provides an update on archaeological findings and studies on technology, society, religion, linguistics and paleo-genetics, which is essential to finding out about the people who occupied the Iberian Peninsula in the six thousand years before our era.

The volume is divided into three parts: the Neolithic and Chalcolithic; the Bronze Age on Mediterranean and Atlantic sides of the peninsula; and the Iron Age, which ends with Romanisation.


This work has had the participation of 17 authors

Editor: Martín Almagro-Gorbea

Professor of Prehistoric times at the Complutense University of Madrid, and Keeper of Antiquities at the Royal Academy of History. Specialist in the Protohistory of the Iberian peninsula and Western Europe, and the Tartessian, Iberian and Celtic cultures. Valdeavellano Professor of Spanish History, he has published over 300 articles in journals and more than 20 books.

Editor: Martín Almagro-Gorbea

ISBN Print: 978-84-92681-89-1

ISBN E-book: 978-84-92681-90-7

Pages: 346

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