A fun and different way to recount the entrepreneurial process and the obstacles you may find along your way. ”Diario Expansión”

Diana, the protagonist of the story, decides that it is the time to take control of her destiny and has an innovative business idea. To accomplish it, she will need the knowledge of a young technology expert, and Félix, a senior executive. Together, and with the inspiration of an enigmatic nautical chart, they charter an unconventional ship to cross the blue ocean of innovation.

The story takes place in the imaginary land of Confortalia, a productive comfort zone, in which its own geographical features and meteorological phenomenon have a relevant meaning in the story.

Diana’s Adventure is a business novel which connects a journey of exploration and discovery with the difficulties that every innovative entrepreneur will encounter during his or her project.

This novel has a noticeable educational aim, which is why you can find more than sixty concepts, references, tools and learnings related to innovation and entrepreneurship, achieved through creative storytelling and the visualisation of a map, which is an infographic that enriches the story. In innovation there is no finish line, just as in “Diana’s Adventure”, which does not end with the last chapter.

The story, the reading, the exchange and the conversation continue in the protagonists’ twitter accounts as well as in the blog and the webpage.

Thanks to his wealth of knowledge and clear explanations, the author, Nacho Villoch (@CapitanCook), allows us to understand the meaning and consequences of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Nacho Villoch 

Nacho Villoch has cultivated skills as a yacht owner, submarinist, and kayak builder. In “Diana’s Adventure”, he has combined his experience and passion for the sea, navigation, ship design, nautical stories, oceanic expeditions and cartography with his vocation for disseminating innovation and communication. The result is a metaphorical learning cocktail laced with characters, geography, social media, infographics, storytelling and creativity tools.

A Law graduate, and a trained international marketing specialist, he has lived and worked in four continents.

An all-round communicator, Nacho Villoch is an active producer of content in the shape of blogs, tweets, videos and presentations on the communication of innovation and its reverse side, innovation in communication. He has now condensed this content into the format of a business novel and its digital extension on the Internet and social networks.

Author: Nacho Villoch

Edition: 1st Edición

ISBN Print: 978-1-5023-5550-8

ISBN E-book: 978-84-942759-3-7

Pages: 368

Format: 152×229 mm

Binding: Paperback

Price: 18,90€


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