Diana’s Adventure Academic Pack has been tested and fine-tuned in various training programs by leading business schools and evaluated very favourably thanks to its “comprehensive vision” in different subjects.

It provides resources for intense classroom discussion and deep reflection for each pupil. Owing to the novel’s internal architecture, the plot and the characters can be analysed using the “case study” methodology.

The Academic Pack offers 60 lessons

This pack includes:

  • Diana’s Adventure
  • Nautical Innovation Chart
  • Teacher’s Notebook
  • Student Activity Book

It serves as complementary material, useful for reading across various courses. It is easily workable and provides great insight in over 60 key entrepreneurship and innovation concepts.

¨I found it a brilliant way to appreciate the difficult journey faced by entrepreneurs. It is also a much more approachable, interesting and easy way to follow than all the technical notes we are given by IE on entrepreneurship¨.

Testimonial from a graduate student at IE Business School.

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Price: 185,90€


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