Researchers and institutions have been showing in recent years a growing concern about the use of Internet and new technologies among adolescents. Its impact on a psychological and behavioural level often results in the development of addictive behaviours and risks (such as cyber-bullying, sexting or grooming), and also such problems as a sedentary lifestyle, social isolation, school failure and frequent family conflicts. Moreover, the so-called phenomenon of globalization makes it impossible to circumscribe problematic use of the internet, Whatsapp or social networks to specific socio-demographic strata, being undoubtedly a widespread phenomenon.

Given the interest that the subject generates at different levels, creating a stable working group was promoted, in which experts from different disciplines (psychologists, educators, paediatricians, psychiatrists, lawyers and even communications professionals) could provide a deeper analysis and objective of the subject, far from alarmist and unconscious attitudes, both of which are equally harmful. Convinced that this is a problem whose responsibility should be shared, in this book different renowned experts strive to provide complementary views of the same, providing concrete recommendations which are useful for both parents and educators, as well as for those responsible for the different administrations.



Manuel Araujo Gallego

Carmen Barreiro Couto

Lourdes Cuello Hormigo

José Julio Fernández Rodríguez

Gerardo Flórez Menéndez

Xosé Antón GomezFraguela

Patricia Gómez Salgado

Beatriz González Iglesias

Manuel Isorna Folgar

Laura López Romero

Daniel Neira Barral

Antonio Rial Boubeta

Jesús Saiz Otero

Xabier Sanmartín Cuevas


José Julio Fernández Rodríguez
Antonio Rial Boubeta

ISBN: 978-84-942759-1-3

Pages: 226

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